The Rainbow Voyage

The Rainbow Voyage 

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Here is the tale of the Crimson Sail,
Barrier breaker and history maker,
Brilliant minds from ivy schools,
Contraptions to exceed every boundary,
A journey of peers beyond their years,
The frail, the failures and the fools,
Searching for riches and powerful witches,
Harkening the call beyond the walls,
Of reality, mythology and prose,
Over the weeks, and mountain peaks,
Until they spy with lust-filled eyes,
Golden roads down below,
Every ending has a beginning,
And this one should not be shunned,
Or the few that had chosen to dare,
It first began with a bard and band,
A wizard’s tale over ninety-nine ales,
Starting at the Omaha State Fair,
Followed by a child-like mind,
Neglected and rejected,
A violent vortex carried a girl,
Killing a witch in a ditch,
Assassinated the other with water,
Encouraged others to take a whirl,
Many have dared to take to the air,
To reach beyond the silly songs,
And climb those etheric stairs,
Journey bound, yet never found,
Aerial chimps and cowardly wimps,
For lions and tigers and bears,
Oh my, they fly into northern skies,
Over the rainbow wall they crawl,
Dreams melded into nightmare,
Striking lightning, so frightening,
The master of disaster,
Struck the Crimson Sail in midair,
Engineered blunder of wonder,
Technological, illogical,
Multiplied screams and wails,
Shades of white filled with fright,
Descending down, all would drown,
Tragic ending of the Crimson Sail.


By J.S. Webster (September 13th, 2023)

(An Epic Poem for - less than 1K word count)


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